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1. Make the decision to sell - you can start the sale of your settlement process if you have valid reasons for it and the sale of your payments will not have any effects on your future financial needs.


2. Choose the company you like best and start the sales process - you must begin the paperwork process. After you submit the proper paperwork (your annuity policy, settlement agreement or benefit's letter so the transfer company can verify your payments, application, ID), all materials are reviewed to ensure they are complete and accurate.


3. Have your sale approved by a judge - once the relevant documents are returned and they are fully signed, a local attorney files them with court and after that the court will schedule a hearing. This is the beginning of the waiting period. In the court you will be required to justify why the money is needed and you should be in a position to show that you are not putting your and your family’s financial future in jeopardy. Unless there are any problems with your request of transfer, the judges mostly approve the transfer at this stage.


4. Get your money - Once approved, the judge will sign the order approving your transaction and the order is sent over to the insurance company to wire funds.


After you've signed the contract, on average it takes about 45 days to receive your money. However, keep in mind that every structured settlement purchase transaction is different due to each state's laws regulating such purchase transactions. In addition, you may qualify for an immediate cash advance to help you through a particularly tough time.


What if I want to sell only a portion of my payments?

You can! More often than not, owners of structured settlements sell only a portion of their annuity payments to meet their specific financial need at the time. It is also common for owners of structured settlements to sell a different portion of their annuity payments on several occasions over their lifetime as the need arises. Oasis can structure a plan to buy a portion of each payment, buy one payment, several payments, or offer a lump sum payment for the entire structured settlement annuity. Each transaction can be tailored to your needs. This will allow you to plan your financial needs and retain part of your cash flow for your ongoing expenses.

What will it cost me?

There are no up front costs to sell your structured settlement. However, to be clear there are fees involved, but those are subtracted from the final amount you will receive. Having said that, when you receive a quote from a company to purchase your structured settlement, make sure all of the fees are already taken out of that final number quoted to you – that the number you’re quoted is the amount you’ll receive!

Will I owe taxes on this money?

On June 10, 1999, the IRS issued a Private Letter Ruling 119273-97, which confirmed that an individual’s sale of structured settlement payments would not create a taxable transaction. In addition, HR 2884 confirms this ruling. We do encourage you to contact your accountant just as a safeguard.

How Much Are My Payments Worth / How Large Of A Lump Sum Payment Can I Get?

As mentioned above, there are several factors used to determine how much your structured settlement payments are worth. We can provide you with a Free Quote based on your payment schedule from the insurance company who sends your structured settlement annuity payments to you, how many of your payments you want to sell, and when those annuity payments are scheduled to be made.

Can this be done on worker’s compensation settlements?

Unfortunately, no. Only personal injury lawsuits where a structured settlement was awarded, qualifies under IRC 104(a)(2) can be transferred under the federal and state transfer acts.

What about courts that have held anti-assignment language as enforceable?

Even in states where the courts have upheld anti-assignment language, judges often rule that a transfer of payments is in the best interest of the annuitant notwithstanding such previous rulings.

Will I Be Protected?

Yes. As of now, 40 states have passed legislation that provides for the sale of structured settlement annuity payments. These state laws work with existing federal laws which spell out clear rules for the sale of periodic payments for a lump sum of cash. Court orders are issued ensuring the best interest of the client.


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